1. For custom cat portraits, how do I choose a photo for the reference? 

I usually work closely from the photo reference, so please pick a photo that shows the pose, expression, and lighting that you want for your cat portrait. Other than that, it's up to you! I can also sometimes simplify the background or adjust the background colors. Please email me the photos you like and we can decide together :) 

2. Where do you offer free shipping?

Currently, I am able to cover the cost of shipping in the United States (including Hawaii & Alaska) & Canada. If you want to send your order somewhere else, please reach out to me before ordering, and I'll let you know the best shipping rate :) 

3. Do you paint dogs? 

Shhhhh but yes, email me.

4. Can you paint a cat with a person? 

Maybe, but please email me to discuss. 

5. Is painting cats your job? 

Yes, a job I gave myself!!! I also make landscape and slice-of-life paintings and am an assistant host at Mimochai Studio. I share updates and reflections on my art journey there, on this website, and in the mewsletter. 

6. Do you accept returns? 

Unfortunately, I can't accept returns on custom portraits, because each piece is unique and custom made for you! However, if you are unsatisfied with a print order, please reach out to me and I'll work with you to make it right :) 

7. Why no more watercolor cats? 

My 💛 day ones 💛 know that when I started Paint That Cat, I made portraits with watercolors. Although I really enjoyed making those, switching between mediums for different projects became a hassle and I suspected my skills would improve faster (and my workflow would be more enjoyable) if I picked just one--so I picked oil painting. If you have a watercolor cat painting (ESPECIALLY if you have a "chromatic" one 🌈), you have a special piece of Paint That Cat history! 

more questions?